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Can a Chiropractor help after a Sports Injury?

Sports injuries are common, and they can happen to those who are professionals in their chosen sport, as well as to amateurs, weekend warriors, and those who simply like to get out and occasionally play. The types of injuries suffered can vary greatly, but the pain can often be quite intense. Strains and sprains are very common sports injuries, and they could be a problem for you if you are an athlete. Knowing how to deal with these physical issues, and who you should talk with for help can ensure you have the right care at the right time for your sports injury.

Those who are experiencing musculoskeletal sports injuries will find that chiropractic care can help with both initial treatment and healing by ensuring spinal segments and misaligned joints are in their normal anatomical positions. Those who play all manner of sports have found chiropractors to be quite beneficial. The chiropractors can help those who play football, hockey, basketball, martial arts, soccer, tennis, baseball, and more.

In fact, around 90% of athletes who are professionals utilize chiropractic care. It makes sense even for those who are not at the professional levels and who want to experience better recovery times and less chance of pain. Working with a chiropractor is a fantastic option for athletes of all levels, including younger patients.

Sports Injury Rehab With a Chiropractor

When you are involved in any sport, the body can take a severe amount of punishment. A person’s athletic performance is affected by several factors including strength, flexibility, speed, and coordination. Having injury will affect one or more of these performance factors. Having chiropractic care can help to undo the punishment the body takes when playing sports. It can also help to improve the range of motion that can improve the flexibility and the blood flow. This means many athletes will suffer from fewer injuries, and those who already have injuries can heal faster.

Spinal adjustments can reduce irritation of nerve roots located between the vertebrae. Again, this means better healing time and improved performance.

Chiropractic care can treat many types of sports injuries. Many have been able to use chiropractic care as a means of treating shoulder pain, ankle injuries, and even headaches. A study from Duke University in 2001 found that manipulating the spine can provide near-immediate relief for headaches that originate from the neck. Between 60 and 90% of all headaches are connected to the neck, this type of treatment can prove very beneficial.

It is helpful to have adjustments when treating injuries from high-impact sports including wrestling, football, and hockey. Many high-impact athletes utilize routine spinal adjustments as a way to increase performance and flexibility while lowering the risk of injury. Low-impact athletes also utilize these routine spinal adjustments. For example, those who play golf, tennis, or bowl can use chiropractic care to help treat and prevent different types of issues that arise.

Many professional athletes make use chiropractic care as a means to keep their bodies in tip-top shape, even when they have not been injured, chiropractic treatments and massage help to provide better body maintenance, and even improve mobility.

Another one of the benefits of working with chiropractic care for sports injuries is the fact that it is a noninvasive form of treatment and it does not utilize drugs. Those who have chiropractic care could avoid surgery in many cases, which is always a benefit. They can also avoid the use of prescription medications, which have the potential to become addictive. Chiropractic care can avoid that temptation altogether.

Chiropractors can use many different types of treatments as a way to help athletes. The four most common methods utilized include the active release technique, the Graston Technique, functional dry needling, and electrical muscle stimulation.

Active release techniques utilize massage and stretching as a means to move the affected joint through the range of motion. The Graston technique helps to break down scar tissue, and functional dry needling uses deep trigger points that can release tension in the muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation uses muscle contraction through electricity as a way to move the tension to the surface of the muscle.

Make the Right Changes

Those who believe they may have an injury because of sports, or because of an accident, will want to seek out the counsel of a chiropractor as soon as they can. It is a good option for those who want to heal faster, who want to improve their performance, and who want to cut down on the risk of injury. It is generally a good idea to make sure you are working with someone who has experience in helping with various types of sports injuries, just to make sure they are the right chiropractor for you.

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