Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Relieving Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Everyone wakes up with a crick in their neck or a pain in their back on occasion. Someone might have overdone it at the gym or with the yard work. They might have slept crooked or had the pillow at a strange angle. However, for most people, these aches and pains happen rarely. By the next day, they are back to normal. Of course, that is certainly not the case with everyone. Many people end up having chronic neck and back pain, leading to a host of problems for their health and wellbeing.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Those who are suffering from this type of pain want to find fast and lasting relief. They want to be able to get on with their life without dealing with so much pain. Chronic pain can limit the things you do in your social life, and it can detract from your overall enjoyment of life. Fortunately, chiropractic care can be a very good solution for this issue.

A study from the British Medical Journal backed up the benefits of using chiropractic care. This study followed 183 patients who were suffering from neck and back pain. Some of the patients received general practitioner care, which included counseling, education, and drugs. Other patients underwent physiotherapy, which was mainly for exercise. The remaining patients received manual therapy, including spine mobilization.

The study lasted for 52 weeks, and the researchers found that those patients who had chiropractic adjustments were recovering faster than those who had general practitioner care or who had physiotherapy. In addition, the costs were lower for the chiropractic care patients. Other studies have corroborated these types of claims. Using chiropractic care really can make a difference for those who are dealing with chronic neck and back pain, and it should certainly be a treatment to consider.

Consider some of the other ways that people will often try to deal with pain in their back and neck. They often medicate the problem. They might start with over the counter medications, which can dull the sensation of the pain. However, these over the counter meds will not be effective forever for those who are struggling with constant pain. Many then speak with their doctors about getting prescription medication for the pain, but this simply leads to a slew of other problems. The medications may have side effects, and it has the potential to be addictive. You aren’t helping your pain go away. You are merely masking it.

Choosing a quality holistic approach such as chiropractic care can be the ideal way to handle the chronic neck and back pain. Many patients find a substantial reduction of stress with this method and so can you.

Alleviate Chronic Neck and Pack Pain

In addition to getting quality chiropractic care, you can do some other things that will help to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of suffering from chronic back and neck pain again.

One of the first things you will want to do is to make sure you are active. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will help to keep the muscles strong and less prone to problems. In addition, the exercise will help to ensure that you are in a good weight range. Being overweight has the potential to cause some serious problems for your back. Of course, when you are exercising, you need to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.

Performing stretches can extend the spine. Make sure you have a pillow that is supportive and comfortable, as well. You may need to get a new pillow. You should also rotate your mattress regularly, as this helps to ensure even support while you are sleeping.

Stress can often cause the pain in your back and neck. Even if stress is not the root cause, it can still worsen the pain. Utilize relaxation techniques that can help your body to reduce the feeling of tension and stress, so your muscles can relax. Try your best to get enough sleep, as well.

Use these methods, but do not forget just how beneficial it can be when you also work with a chiropractor. The studies prove that this could be exactly what you need to help deal with that chronic neck and back pain.

Get the Help You Need

When you are suffering from chronic neck and back pain, do not just try to work through it or hope it will go away. Find a good chiropractor that can help you deal with the problem so you can manage your pain and eventually have that pain go away for good. Do something now to take back your life and combat the pain.

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