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10 Signs You Are Receiving Great Customer Service

When you are going to a doctor, you want and expect to have the best possible care and service. This includes the care and treatment provided by the doctor, as well as the staff at the hospital or clinic. The following are 10 signs that you are getting great customer service from your physician and the rest of the staff.

1. Patience

When you visit the doctor, you may have questions. You might be scared by a diagnosis or the treatment you will be receiving. This is natural, and a good doctor and staff will understand this, and they will remain patient with you. They will answer your questions and make sure you are as comfortable as possible from the minute you walk into the building.

2. Empathy

It is important for the healthcare professionals to have empathy so they can understand and relate to your feelings as a patient. Those who show empathy can make the experience of going to the doctor much more comfortable for the patients. They feel as though someone is taking the time to care about them and understand what they are going through. This is easily one of the most important traits of a quality doctor.

3. Knowledgeable

New advances are made in the medical field all the time. New treatments and medications are coming onto the market, and other meds might be found to have adverse side effects. You want to have a doctor that stays up to date in their field and who knows when to act based on the knowledge they’ve gained. You do not want to deal with a doctor that is stuck in the past and who does not care about the field enough to keep up with the changes and advances. It could negatively impact your health.

4. Respect

When you go to the doctor, you expect and deserve respect from the entire staff. They should treat you well and with respect. You deserve to be treated as an individual and not as just another patient, or even worse, just another problem coming through their door. The doctor should explain things to you in a manner you can understand without ever talking down to you or demeaning you. If you find that they do not take your problems or concerns seriously, it is time to find someone else.

5. Professional

Whenever you are dealing with any member of the medical staff, they should behave in a professional manner. This means they need to have the right demeanor while on the job, and they need to be proficient enough to perform the job. Imagine going into a clinic and having staff members who do not know how to use different machines to take your vital signs. This will not foster much confidence on your part. When the doctor and staff are professional, it helps to build trust and confidence.

6. Active Listener

When you are speaking with the doctor or other staff about your problems or concerns, they need to be actively listening to you. Active listening means reflecting what you have said to let you know they are listening. This is done through verbal and nonverbal cues. A doctor that never looks at you and just mumbles occasionally or asks you to continually repeat questions may not be fully listening to you.

7. Effective Communication

The staff at the hospital or clinic also needs to know how to communicate effectively with patients. Good communication is one of the most important elements of any practice. They need to know how to communicate instructions clearly, so they can be understood. They need to know how to explain treatment options, appointment options, how to teach people to take better care of themselves, care for their wounds, and follow their medication schedules. If there is a breakdown in communication, it can result in a breakdown in proper care.

8. Respect of Your Time

Have you ever been at the doctor’s office for an appointment at a certain time only to wait an hour or more to be seen? While there is always the possibility of an unforeseen circumstance causing the delay, if this is the regular type of treatment you receive, it shows they have no respect for your time. They should always strive to see you in a timely manner.

9. Easy to Reach

The facility and the doctor should be easy to reach. Even though you will not get the doctor’s private number, you should have several methods for contacting the staff so they can provide a message to the doctor to call you.

10. Thoroughness

You never want to have a doctor that rushes through a visit with you or staff that tries to rush you out the door. Good doctors are always thorough. They will take their time to make sure they have provided you with a high level of care each and every time you see them.

If you find that you are not getting the service and treatment that you need, it might be time to look for a new provider. Your health is not something that you can take for granted, and neither should the doctors or staff.

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