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Why Some Patients Have Lost Their Trust in Doctors

A good relationship with your doctor is built on trust and good communication. Most of the time, people who have taken the time to find a good doctor are happy with the results. However, others are not so lucky. Some patients no longer trust doctors, and this has the potential to lead to health problems for those patients. If they feel they are unable to trust their doctors, they will not likely follow their instructions. In fact, some might avoid visiting the doctor altogether.

Why have some patients lost their trust of doctors? The following are five of the most common reasons that people say they do not trust doctors.

Pushing Expensive Medications

In some cases, when you need to take prescription medications, the thought of paying for them, even with insurance, can be overwhelming. When the doctor prescribes brand name medication, the prices can be outrageous, and you might feel as though they are trying to push the drug on you. This can feel no different than a used car salesman trying to force you into a car that you don’t want so they can make more money.

This has caused some people to lose trust in their doctor, believing that it is all about money and not their proper care. However, there is a good chance they have a reason for prescribing that medication. In some cases, there might not be a generic alternative yet. Other times, they might have prescribed the brand name by mistake and you can have them switch it to the generic.

Television Doctors Give Them a Bad Name

There are some doctors on television who have spots on reality television and other shows that shall go nameless here. However, those doctors often misuse their degrees and provide some bad advice that is not right for everyone watching. These doctors end up getting a bad reputation. Unfortunately, that can bleed over into the way that some patients view doctors. It can diminish trust, even though your doctor did nothing wrong.

In those cases, it is best to forget the reality TV doctors and listen to your doctor. If you feel that they still are not providing you with proper care, you can and should raise your concerns.

Not Enough Time for the Patients

Today, doctors are busier than ever, and this means it might feel as though they are not spending enough time with each patient. In some cases, this might be true. They might be rushing from one patient to the next just to get through the day and they may not be providing proper care for those patients. If you are rushed out of the office and you still have questions and concerns, it can feel as though the doctor does not care about your problems and needs. This is one of the quickest ways that a doctor can lose the trust of their patient.

Issues With Insurance

Insurance can be confusing even for those who work with insurance and billing regularly. However, doctors and at least some of the staff should be well-versed in insurance so they can answer questions that patients have and let them know what coverage and care they can receive that will be covered by the insurance. Patients need to have these things clearly spelled out for them since they do not deal with insurance very often.

If the doctor is unsure about these insurance questions, it will diminish the trust that the patient has. Patients feel that doctors should be able to answer at least some of the insurance questions, and the staff should be capable of answering the others.

Extra Charges

If you notice that there are extra charges on your doctor’s bill, whether it is from a clinic visit, treatment, or surgery, for example, it might be alarming. You will feel that the doctor has billed you for the wrong thing, or that they have added too much to the bill. Again, patients might see this as a way the doctor is trying to cheat them. Often, this is just a mistake, or it is something that the patient did not understand.

If you feel that you have lost your trust in your doctor for one of the reasons above, or for any other reason, it is generally a good idea to speak to the doctor about it. They may be able to explain their reasoning, provide alternative medications, and have their staff check the billing and insurance problems. Many times, the matter can be taken care of without too much trouble. Trust in your doctor is important, but if anything is ever unclear, be willing to speak up about it and get the answers you deserve.

Those who find that the doctors are still not as helpful or forthcoming as they should be will want to consider finding a new doctor.

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